theMansionPurpose: helping people find their way back to God

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For Children: 4 years old - entering into 6th grade
Join us for Bible Lessons, games, crafts, special community projects and dinner. Please fill out our registration form and waiver. Download Here.
We will be having a Special Program and Dinner for the Families on Friday, August 8th @ 6pm!
For more information call Melanie at (805) 963-4228 or email
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Welcome to theMansion! Our goal at theMansion is to help remove obstacles that keep people away from Jesus, which in turn will hopefully and prayerfully lead people to a belief in Jesus. We want to present the truth of God's Word, so that each person can then make an informed decision to believe or to not believe. theMansion is a spiritual community in Santa Barbara dedicated to helping people find their way back to God. If you’re attracted to Jesus, but find yourself turned off by traditional church, come by and check us out in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere of an old Mansion, discovering the real Jesus, the real Church, and the real Christianity. theMansion service will join elements of traditional Christianity with a new feel and look -- always seeking to keep it real. Join theMansion Community and begin the journey of finding your way back to God. We invite you to join us at theMansion. So come and join us this Sunday @9am and we hope to see you then.